Fashionizing creates a mechanism to experience, assimilate and express true feelings.

There are three types of consumers, one, who prefer cheaper price irrespective of the quality; two, who prefer good quality but not compromising over affordability and third, those who are willing to pay higher price but would never compromise on quality.

These consumers in fashion market are those who set the trend for others to follow. They are aware of global happenings, International choices and refined habits of the premium segment of society. Therefore, it was clear that there are people who must be provided with the finest quality products. After understanding this, we decided to create Zest Mélange, a fashion store, which ensures of the finest quality material, best craftsmanship while following the most stringent European quality standards”, says Dhruv Kakadia.  

The affection for finest quality is nothing but a concern about feelings. The feelings we experience with what we purchase, with what we wear, how do others react to our existence and finally, how conscious we appear about social concerns and the civilization. Here comes the point, the fashion we do, speaks about us in volumes. How we look, expresses our core personality, it shows the outlook we hold in us, which is the biggest contributor to our confidence - all this boils down to one aspect, the feelings we have in us. Happy, sad, proud, Jealous, compassionate or satisfied, feelings make everything in our life. Zest Mélange understood this and designed its products with the quality which is pure, natural and sustainable. The touch, experience and concerned sourcing have designed Zest Mélange products breathing with not just good but with great feelings.

If you look at the parameters considered while designing Zest Mélange products, you will easily conclude that the need of best quality Egyptian Giza cotton, finest linen, world’s best pure silk, finest quality leather from Argentina and Italy was to ensure the quality which touches you with soulfulness, purifies your senses with nature’s freshness, allows you to experience the blissfulness and create your own beautiful feelings.

When feelings are the real content of the products you shop for, there was a need to understand this whole concept in one expression. This one expression of our packaging and our core philosophy, is in the feelings. In fact, these feelings you experience fashionize you. We proudly say Zest Mélange is not just about fashion products but about fashionizing men and women alike, with the finest quality and greatest feelings
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