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Resource the best material available, find creative minds, identify the best available craftsmanship and make in india with the essence of india feelings, India climate and India needs.

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Inspired by natures craftmanship and its purity, we passionately believe in being natural in creating super premium products without harming the ecosystem.


Our geometric symbol of three triangles indicate our desire to stay disciplined and firm in maintaining quality. The flat surface on top gives us the plane to perform with ease and two peaks on the top symbolize our desire to move upward, maintain the pinnacle of excellence and serve the consumers with best possible means. The illusionary emergence of letter and letter in the symbol endorses our penchant for being creative, innovative and magically interesting. Zest melange is the enthuiasm to collect and curate the best of the world and to design the finest experience, which speaks in the feelings and expressions of our consumers.


We know that each one of us is unique and we all desire to be exclusive, therefore, we don’t sell products but designs. Our designs are not repeated; we create just few products out of one design. So, rest assured, if you are choosing Zest Melange products you will remain exclusive.

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When you care for feelings the luxury becomes a necessity, because it’s the premium-ness and the purity of quality which get transformed into feelings. The feelings you carry are the expressions on your face and body, and the expressions you carry contribute in giving you a personality. Zest Melange fashion is developed for you to experience great feelings, where the luxury is treated as compulsion to use great quality of fabric, finest leather material, trendiest accessories, extra-ordinary designs, excellent craftmanship and personalized customer care.

Zest Melange, the e-tailing fashion brand conceived and created to provide complete wardrobe solution to quality loving people of India.
Conceived and nurtured by Dhruv Kakadia, whose vision to create India’s premium fashion brand with world’s best available material, resources and knowledge has been shaped with the idea to make in India, for the finest in India.

Dhruv’s vision got further strengthened with the involvement of Keval Navadiya, whose experience in diamond jewelry manufacturing, institutional sales and marketing brought immediate understanding of taste and demand of premium consumer choices.

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