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Work Fashionized

Work is worship, we all know but work must not make you feel stressed and monotonous. We have brought such precision in our craftsmanship that you would enjoy flaunting and being admired during your working schedules. We proudly design performance friendly products, just to expect you to work fashionized and feel great while working too.

Talk Fashionized

Make statements worthy of your position and command of your virtues. The superior quality brought for you in our designs is no less than an expression, stating of your leadership. You may not have to say a single word but still you will feel heard and understood. So when you have to talk, don’t just talk, talk fashionized.

Feel Fashionized

Feelings are the basic element of the expression. Feelings are created with the environment and its effect on your mood. Our high quality fabric makes sure that you feel extremely comfortable in any climatic condition, even during the situation of extreme work pressure. With our products you will not only feel admired but stylish. So now be ready to feel fashionized.


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Chunky Knitwear

This is nothing but a poise of meaningful presence. This design lets you enjoy the poise, the elegance and undisputed admiration. The silky touch is the assurance of feminine class where the fabric adds amazing softness.

Bella Freud
Square Cut

Squares and cuts are always loved by achievers as they create boundaries, beyond which there lies achievement. Similarly these deigns of cut way colors and square cuffs in vibrant square checks prints of cotton yarns cross those boundaries and the fabric with imported duro horn buttons successfully add to your work-style fashion.




A Fashion Brand that senses feelings, designs emotions, crafts excellence and preserves Finest Quality.

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