Thinking, travel and the desire to shape feelings into look, unearthed the personality of an entrepreneur

They look so nice, their choice of garments was extremely good! How their garments and accessories were giving beautiful feelings which were so evident on their face? These were the ever erupting thoughts for him.

An explorer and art lover he is the true appreciator of value of creativity. Whenever, he visited the streets of Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, Berlin and Milan, he noticed that the feelings he observed there about European fashion products were different from the feelings for fashion products available in India, his home market. The touch, the experience and  even the look of designs displayed in European market was drastically different from, what was available in the products in his domestic market.

This difference may mean a simple difference for most of us, but not for Dhruv Kakadia. Dhruv investigated the true reasons, he explored many International fashion cities, visited renowned fashion stores, met various fashion designers and spoke with many craftsmen before concluding that the feelings were the most important byproducts of fashion. The feelings depend upon the quality of material, quality of designs and the quality of craftsmanship.

Wearing something nice and comfortable enhances the calmness of any personality, makes one look happy and in good control of the situation, which helps in upgrading the social status of an individual. Calm personalities look pleased and at complete ease, actually this calm & carefree look is something which the creative fashion designer wants to achieve on a fashion runway through his fashion model.

Dhruv’s inference was that the quality of material, quality of the people involved in the designing and the quality of people in the creation make the difference in producing fashion products of great feelings. Comfort, confidence and crispiness in looks are the result of great feelings, fashion creates and the user expresses in his/ her style.

Dhruv knew that he had an inquisitive personality but he didn’t know that this inquisitiveness will turn him into an entrepreneur. As he moved forward in his exploration, his desire to collect the best from the world, curate the finest available material and get the artistic excellence crafted into fashion products got serious.  Soon he realized that he was not just exploring but persuading his desire to Make in India. He was chasing his dream to collect the best of the world and to make the finest quality fashion products for the finest in India.

With over 2 years of excursions, detailed research and immense hard work, this explorer got fully transformed into an entrepreneur, but now he was not alone,  another dynamic gentleman Keval Navdiya was ready to support his enthusiastic approach of setting the  business which had a clear objective - “create the best quality fashion products in tune with International trends and offer the quality which creates the feelings of comfort, ease and high fashion look”.  

“To begin with, it wasn’t easy to procure the material of highest quality as the existing big players, kept a strong control on supply. They give priority to specific markets and specific brands to keep the challengers in control. It required a lot of persuasion, follow-ups and commitments to be given to raw material cultivators and manufacturers, before we could ensure the procurement of that quality which we wanted to offer to our Indian market”, says Dhruv Kakadia.

“His desire to create the best and his belief that there was a premium audience who looks for super premium quality and his study that, this set of consumers often travel abroad to shop in high street fashion stores for the quality which can gives them the look of European fashion. His idea to create great feelings in people with the fashion they do, motivated me to join him and support his endeavor in every possible manner”, says Keval Navadiya.

Keval has firm footing in the business of premium diamond jewelry. He heads the manufacturing division of finest diamond jewelry business, which provides best jewelry to biggest fashion stores around the world. His understanding of premium consumer choices has been handy to unearth the potential of business preposition Dhruv was trying to create.

“Dhruv’s youthful enthusiasm, his travelling habits, his liking for artistic excellence and his love for creativity has been able to turn a casual desire into a dynamic business proposal”, says Keval. He adds that today we are clear, this business of Zest Mélange is the business of feelings, comfort, style and glamour which happens with highest quality assurance only.

Zest Mélange desires to reach to every premium quality loving consumer who wishes to feel fashionized with the finest possible quality which comes only from the purest natural material.

Zest Mélange fashion products for men & women are now available on, with free delivery promise, anywhere in India
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